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Elm City Internationals (“ECI”) is a nonprofit organization that uses soccer to engage low-income students in New Haven in an enriching college preparatory academic program. 


The concept of ECI is fairly simple. Since soccer is considered “the international sport” and is enjoyed by young men around the world, ECI uses soccer as the lure to create a supportive learning community for low-income adolescent boys (predominantly immigrant and refugee boys, but not limited to this population) who live in New Haven and thrive on the soccer field but require extra academic assistance.  


One of the unique components of ECI that is essential to the success of our student-athletes is our long term commitment to our participants.  Our students enter ECI in middle school and we provide them with intensive services until they graduate from college.


The end goal is for all the boys to realize their potential, be provided with strong academic foundations, and ultimately graduate from college. 


Elm City Internationals provides the boys with:

  • Soccer practices and games

  • Mandatory group tutoring sessions

  • Academic enrichment curriculum (with a focus on reading and writing)

  • Field trips

  • One-on-one tutoring/mentoring sessions

  • SAT prep and college essay mentoring

  • Assistance and guidance in the college application process

  • Assistance seeking out scholarships for college

  • Provides its own scholarships to students to ensure they can attend college

  • Provides college follow-through support

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